Minifig Monday – Leslie Elverd

It’s Monday which means more minifigs! And this week we’ve got a great snap from Leslie Elverd Gday! Here’s my minifig collection with custom printed uniforms using AutoCAD. The 2 left minifigs are transit guards and the right is a railcar driver, all for Transperth (Public Transport Authority). I made them to concert with myContinue reading “Minifig Monday – Leslie Elverd”

Minifig Monday – Shell Hayman

Welcome to the firstborn our new Minifig Monday series! We are always looking for more stories and photos of your favourite and what they mean to you. Without waffling on further, let’s get to it! 18 months ago we were lucky enough to visit Legoland in San Diego. We had taken a bag of miniContinue reading “Minifig Monday – Shell Hayman”

“It Came From Outer Space!” – The PerthLUG May-June Building Competition

It’s time to kick those creative brains into gear as we launch our second building competition for the year, “It Came From Outer Space!” What was it? What did it look like? What did it eat? Does it have lasers? Did it crash? Did it come here to abduct our cows? Is it from Uranus?Continue reading ““It Came From Outer Space!” – The PerthLUG May-June Building Competition”

Out with the old, In with the new!

In news that surprises no one and brings joy to the hearts of millions, if not billions of Australian LEGO fans, Toll Group is to be replaced by DHL as logistics and distribution partner for LEGO Australia. This comes as part of the news of LEGO Australia moving their warehouse from Sydney to Melbourne. AContinue reading “Out with the old, In with the new!”

And the winner is….

Without further ado, we would like to give a very hearty congratulations to Leanne Driel and her very funny and original take on a midnight walk in the park! Choosing one winner from such an awesome field of entries was no easy task and so I outsourced the job to the LEGO Ambassador Network. MyContinue reading “And the winner is….”

LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle 18% off, $530!

Not often this is seen on special anywhere, so 18% off is pretty much a banger. LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle 71043

In rare form, LEGO admit they were wrong, 90th Anniversary Set voting 2nd stage to have 4 voting options!

You can read the final tally and results HERE, and the “sort of apology/mostly admitting to messing things up” from LEGO, but for a super fast TLDR, it’ll be the following vote options: 1. Pirates 2. Classic Space 3. Bionicles aaaaaannnndddd 4. Castle!

Perth LEGO Users Group to support The Starlight Foundation for Brickmas Appeal 2021

The Perth LEGO Users Group is today happy to announce that it will be supporting The Starlight Foundation for the 2021 Brickmas Appeal. Paul Grabovac, Hospital Program Manager for Starlight WA said today, “We would be honoured to be a recipient of this amazingly generous offer. Probably unsurprising to you but Lego is hugely popularContinue reading “Perth LEGO Users Group to support The Starlight Foundation for Brickmas Appeal 2021”

Vidiyo? More like VidiNO…

Whilst the rest of the world simply wants more bricks and more sets and more parts and more colours and more elements and a new goddamn castle range full of goats, LEGO are of the belief that what their customers really want is to make bizarre 60 second video clips to a selection of musicContinue reading “Vidiyo? More like VidiNO…”

Super Special Sunday Sale (supposedly).

Having a quick peruse through the LEGO on Amazon and found their “Today’s Deals” filter, and I’ve gotta admit, there’s some hefty discounts on a few sets, so I figured I’d quickly write up a post with the best I could find. To start off, whatever this is. Technic? Sounds terrible. I think it’s aContinue reading “Super Special Sunday Sale (supposedly).”