In rare form, LEGO admit they were wrong, 90th Anniversary Set voting 2nd stage to have 4 voting options!

You can read the final tally and results HERE, and the “sort of apology/mostly admitting to messing things up” from LEGO, but for a super fast TLDR, it’ll be the following vote options: 1. Pirates 2. Classic Space 3. Bionicles aaaaaannnndddd 4. Castle!

Wednesday Night Eye Candy

The design, the movement, the beast itself. A thing so foul that can also be so beautiful. I find the whole MOC mesmerising. The landscaping of the Dead Marshes, cleverly covering the mechanics, captures the scenery perfectly. The twisted branches, lit torches and bodies of the dead lying just below the water surface gives wonderfulContinue reading “Wednesday Night Eye Candy”