September Raffle Winners!

Buildapalooza is Perth Lego Users Group’s build night. Every month on the second Monday we get together to talk Lego, build Lego and just catch up. Also, we have raffle prizes! Included in your $5 entry fee is an entry into our door prize. This month, the Lego Group kindly donated the Harry Potter BrickHeadzContinue reading “September Raffle Winners!”

Lost for Words: Say hello to LEGO Icons

by Lukas Mack Lego have made a real push in recent years towards sets for older builders with their ‘18+’ black boxes adorning shelves everywhere. With the accompanying “Adults Welcome” campaign some of these sets have been real hits but with the quiet retiring of the Creator Expert theme in 2020, where to place ourContinue reading “Lost for Words: Say hello to LEGO Icons”

Microscale Masterclass of Titanic Proportions!

I have been watching Titanic MOCs on IDEAS come and go, secretly hoping one would be accepted and come out as a set. When the 10294 Titanic set was sent to me as a review set, I could not believe my eyes! Bypassing any IDEAS creations, LEGO have surpassed my expectations and created their ownContinue reading “Microscale Masterclass of Titanic Proportions!”

Halloween Seasonal Sets Review

Lego often make fun, cute sets that use clever part usage and are entertaining. My first set for review is not that. 40493 Spider and Haunted House is a frustrating little design that after many rebuilds, as elements flung off, finished off as disappointing ornament 2 pack that I wouldn’t care to display for Halloween.Continue reading “Halloween Seasonal Sets Review”

LEGO to release T2 – John Connor Approves

OK, OK Maybe not the T2 we remember from the 90’s Terminator franchise, but instead the Kombi 2nd Gen T2 from the 60’s. Our very own Claudia, Admin and super fan of the VW Kombi gets first look at the upcoming T2 Camper.The 2207 element VW T2 will retail at $269.99 and will be availableContinue reading “LEGO to release T2 – John Connor Approves”

Biggest Lego Set Ever! World Map 31203

The early heavy hitters in the Lego elements game were the original UCS Falcon at 5174 elements, soon knocked off the top of the ladder by the Taj at 5922, the 2nd edition Falcon swung back at a whopping 7541 elements only to be taken out by the repetitive build of the Colosseum in 2020Continue reading “Biggest Lego Set Ever! World Map 31203”