The PerthLUG “Horrible Horticulture” Building Competition

Here they are, all the entries for out latest build competition. Participants were tasked with creating a scene depicting some truly horrible horticulture and they didnt let us down. Onto the entries! Max Shailer – “Ferocious Flora!” “By day, a garden of succulents. Come nightfall, bugs beware. Equipped with a spiky cactus tail and aloeContinue reading “The PerthLUG “Horrible Horticulture” Building Competition”

PerthLUG Nov/Dec Building Competition – “Horrible Horticulture!”

Better homes and gardens? Not today! We want to see your best (worst) designed gardens imaginable. Sausage plants? Sure. Minifig head trellis ivy? Yep. You get the idea. Try to keep your design to a 16×16 baseplate, though a little bigger is fine too. 3 winners will be chosen, and they’ll each take home anContinue reading “PerthLUG Nov/Dec Building Competition – “Horrible Horticulture!””

And the winners are…

Drumroll please! Like all of our building competitions, picking the winners is a hard job and this competition was no easier, but there can only be one, so without further ado… Congratulations to Kim Blackman and her wonderful Grub Hub build! An excellent story, a great build, and a worthy winner! Well done Kim, we’llContinue reading “And the winners are…”

Trees and Flowers and Plants, oh my!

When you start to look, theres a surprisngly large amount of tree, flower and plant related Lego sets. And luckily for you, a lot of them are on sale right now, on Amazon. Lets take a look. LEGO Ideas Tree House 21318 Weighing in at 3036 pieces, and offering a spring and autumn foliage set,Continue reading “Trees and Flowers and Plants, oh my!”