About Us

Born on Jan 20, 2014, PerthLUG started as an idea between Dale Horsley and Richie Moir as a place for the Adult Fans of Lego (known worldwide as AFOLs) of Perth to have somewhere to share their love of the hobby.

From small beginnings the group has continued to grow and now boasts a membership of over 3100 strong. From monthly social nights (the Buildapalooza) to building competitions to Lugbulk, PerthLUG aims to provide AFOLs a safe and inclusive space to grow creatively in a community of like-minded adults.

PerthLUG is a Recognised Lego Online Community.

PerthLUG is an authorized affiliate partner, and some links posted on this website and Facebook help generate revenue to keep the group running. We thank you kindly for your support.

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