Super Special Sunday Sale (supposedly).

Having a quick peruse through the LEGO on Amazon and found their “Today’s Deals” filter, and I’ve gotta admit, there’s some hefty discounts on a few sets, so I figured I’d quickly write up a post with the best I could find.

To start off, whatever this is. Technic? Sounds terrible. I think it’s a truck. You’d normally pay $379.99 for it (if you’re weird) but you can get it delivered for $260, which is 32% off so I guess that’s good?

LEGO 42114 Technic 6×6 Volvo Articulated Hauler

If you’re a fan of Technic (lol) then it’s entirely possible you’re a fan of robotics and if that’s true then this might be right up your alley (double lol). The Star Wars Boost Droid Commander set, currently $250, which is a delicious 31% off.

Maybe buy this and the Volvo, join them together into some sort of freakish Volvo/Gonk droid hybrid nightmare and be crown King Nerd.

LEGO 75253 Star Wars Boost Droid Commander

Moving on now to something less ridiculed by mainstream society, Ocean Exploration! Big Boat? Check! Helicopter? Check! Submersible? Check! Manta Ray? Check! Finished dinner at a fancy restaurant? Check! The LEGO 60266 Ocean Exploration Ship has it all, and more, AND is currently 39% off, down to an amazing $109! BUT WAIT THERES MORE, because it also qualifies for a City Police helicopter poly bag!

LEGO 60266 City Ocean Exploration Ship

What underwater exploration adventure would be complete without an underwater base! Fear not, we’ve got you covered with the LEGO 60265 Ocean Exploration Base! Manta Ray, Hammerhead Shark, Treasure, Divers, Bicycle Frame! I’m not even kidding! Grab it today for 33% off, down to a delectable $80, which also qualifies you for the free poly bag!

LEGO City Ocean Exploration Base 60265

Sticking with the City theme, and LEGO’s clearly evident love of helicopters, we’ve got the 60260 Airport Air Race set. You get an aeroplane and not one, but two little helicopters, that have a ripcord mechanism which helps them fly straight up into the air, so they can plummet to the ground, explode into multiple parts and you can enjoy putting them together again. I think. I’m not 100% sure. Anyhoo, 38% discount brings it from $49.99, down to a very tasty $31.20. My suggestion is to be more than one because your mum is bound to vacuum up some of the parts you lose when they smash after their maiden flight.

LEGO 60260 City Airport Air Race

One of the great questions Aristotle pondered back in the er…olden days…was whether or not man could have too many helicopters and I’m happy to inform you that LEGO clearly believe the answer to be no. So go ahead and add get another helicopter to your even expanding fleet with the LEGO City 60243 Police Helicopter Chase. Thankfully Amazon have chopped a lovely 30% off the price and so it’s down to a respectable $34.99

LEGO 60243 City Police Helicopter Chase

Now, you’ve zip zop zooped (sorry, really) all over town in your helicopter and caught all the criminal scum and you’re wondering to yourself where you’re gonna incarcerate them all for the rest of their unnatural plastic lives, well wonder no more! LEGO 60246 City Police Station is the perfect answer to your criminal housing problems. Kind of. Apparently it’s not super structurally sound and I have heard that if you place some dynamite in just the right spot the entire cell block will explode. Hey listen, that’s not my concern anyway and you’re getting a real bargain because it’s only $99 which is 38% off the RRP.

LEGO City Police Station 60246

Maybe though, and hear me out, fighting crime on this side of the law is a little boring and you decide to give psychopathic vigilantism a go. Who better to learn from than Batman. And what better LEGO set to buy than the 76160 Mobile Bat Base? I mean, you’ve got a truck, a bat-jet, a bat-scooter, a bat-JetSki, a bat-motorcycle…what more could you possibly need to combat Mr Freeze and *reads the description* Man-Bat. Huh. Is that really a thing? Are they even trying? Look, if this sounds like your thing, then get on it, because it’s currently discounted by a whopping 40% down to $90!

LEGO 76160 DC Mobile Bat Base

Sticking with the Superhero theme and LEGO’s freakish love affair with helicopters (seriously guys why) is the LEGO 76131 Marvel Avengers Compound Battle. I can’t even begin to write something humorous about this set. It’s just bizarre and makes me wonder about the laws regarding methamphetamines in Denmark. Still, it’s on sale for $118.99 and that’s 30% off so who am I to complain?

LEGO 76132 Marvel Avengers Compound Battle

Moving away from Superheroes but sticking with the out of this world theme (sort of), how about a nice big discount on everyone’s favourite baby alien, The Child aka Gregory. Greg is a cute little fella who eat frogs and steals the ball off your shift stick and generally gets into all sorts of wacky mischief in Disney’s series call The Mandarin. Or something. I’m not sure. I don’t like Star Wars so…yeah. It’s only a 17% discount, but $99 sounds like a good price to own your very own Gregory alien.

LEGO 75318 Star Wars The Child aka Greg

While you’re at it, pick up Greg’s very best friend in the whole universe, D-O for only an extra $75 (which is a pretty good 37% off).

LEGO 75278 Star Wars D-O

If at the end of these bargains you’ve still got spending green available, why not check out the rest of the daily specials by clicking the link below. There’s Friends, Ninjago, Trolls and a few other bits and pieces at pretty great prices.

Did you grab something? Let us know once you’ve built it and feel free to post photos on the Facebook group page, we always love seeing what you’re building!


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