Vidiyo? More like VidiNO…

Whilst the rest of the world simply wants more bricks and more sets and more parts and more colours and more elements and a new goddamn castle range full of goats, LEGO are of the belief that what their customers really want is to make bizarre 60 second video clips to a selection of music tracks they licenced from Universal in one of the strangest partnerships seen so far, joining the ranks of horrible overpriced bumbags and hats.

Here’s an infographic “explaining” what it is. I think that’s Moby in the picture. Or Mark Strong. Like this entire ordeal I’m unsure what is going on or why.

Anyway, look for it after March 1st or hold out a little longer and check the clearance aisles around May. Probably.

They’re watching The Office and you can’t convince me otherwise.

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