Minifig Monday – Shell Hayman

Welcome to the firstborn our new Minifig Monday series! We are always looking for more stories and photos of your favourite and what they mean to you. Without waffling on further, let’s get to it!

18 months ago we were lucky enough to visit Legoland in San Diego. We had taken a bag of mini figs to swap there, and I was kindly gifted this one not very long after entering the park. I complemented a worker (on this figure I think on his badge), and he gifted it to me saying he was waiting for someone to comment on it.

It made my day. I have kept this in the front of the backpack we took on our holiday, which is now a work bag. It’s a wonderful reminder of the amazing time spent with my family on our first holiday together.

Thanks for sharing Shell! Over the years I’ve heard lots of stories of Minifig tradi with employees at LEGO theme parks so it’s awesome to hear a story first hand, from one of our very own members!

Next week: Suzanne Aston!

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