PerthLUG December Build Competition – “The Christmas Party!”

It’s time for our very last building competition for 2021, and of course it’s going to be Christmas themed! Up for grabs is the fantastic 10270 Creator Expert Bookshop and all you need to do is build an end of year Christmas Party! The usual family friendly rules apply, so get building and send yourContinue reading “PerthLUG December Build Competition – “The Christmas Party!””

LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle 18% off, $530!

Not often this is seen on special anywhere, so 18% off is pretty much a banger. LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle 71043

Vidiyo? More like VidiNO…

Whilst the rest of the world simply wants more bricks and more sets and more parts and more colours and more elements and a new goddamn castle range full of goats, LEGO are of the belief that what their customers really want is to make bizarre 60 second video clips to a selection of musicContinue reading “Vidiyo? More like VidiNO…”

Super Special Sunday Sale (supposedly).

Having a quick peruse through the LEGO on Amazon and found their “Today’s Deals” filter, and I’ve gotta admit, there’s some hefty discounts on a few sets, so I figured I’d quickly write up a post with the best I could find. To start off, whatever this is. Technic? Sounds terrible. I think it’s aContinue reading “Super Special Sunday Sale (supposedly).”

PerthLUG January Buildapalooza

Hey Richie, I hear you ask, what is the buildapalooza? Well it’s pretty simple really! A night for adult fans of LEGO to chill out, build a set, socialise and maybe win a prize! Yea Richie, but when is it? The second Monday of EVERY month, so that means Monday 11th January! Oh, I see,Continue reading “PerthLUG January Buildapalooza”

First Look: Ideas Medieval Blacksmith

Thanks to a keen spotter over at Brickset, the first image of the new Ideas Medieval Blacksmith has been found on the UK Amazon page, as a thumbnail for the Ideas product category. My first impression? It’s been simplified a lot! There’s also no minifigs on display, or animals as were featured prominently in theContinue reading “First Look: Ideas Medieval Blacksmith”

Amazon Deals Part 3

Good morning and welcome to Part 3 of our big Amazon deals series. The deals keep coming and they don’t stop coming as we unearth some bargains in our final instalment. Let’s go to it shall we? First up, the LEGO 31104 Creator 3in1 Burger Monster Truck! Part food delivery vehicle, part grunting car crusher,Continue reading “Amazon Deals Part 3”

Flashback: PerthLUG February Building Competition – “Adventure!”

The first building competition we ran for 2020, way back in February challenged our builders to create a scene on a 16×16 plate and the theme was “Adventure!”. Lets take a look back at the fantastic builds we received! [Below] – Taking out First Place was Leanne Driel with her rather excellent kayaking scene, capturingContinue reading “Flashback: PerthLUG February Building Competition – “Adventure!””