September Raffle Winners!

Buildapalooza is Perth Lego Users Group’s build night. Every month on the second Monday we get together to talk Lego, build Lego and just catch up. Also, we have raffle prizes! Included in your $5 entry fee is an entry into our door prize. This month, the Lego Group kindly donated the Harry Potter BrickHeadzContinue reading “September Raffle Winners!”

Full Review – Hogwarts Hospital Wing 76398

What the doctor ordered Looking for an excuse to expand your Hogwarts playscale castle just a little further? Why not the Hospital Wing 76398! As the first Lego Harry Potter set to feature the fantastical infirmary, this alone might just be enough to tempt you to part with a few galleons. In muggle money, you’reContinue reading “Full Review – Hogwarts Hospital Wing 76398”

Full Review – Demogorgon & Eleven 40549

Plain Strange Lego Stranger Things options are slim right now with not a lot on the horizon sadly. The Upside Down set number 75810 was an underappreciated set at the time and now recently retired, is going for an absolute bomb. Having binged season 4 of the Netflix mega-hit, this BrickHeadz set is about theContinue reading “Full Review – Demogorgon & Eleven 40549”

Full Review – Boba Fett’s Throne Room 75326

Out of the sarlacc pit and onto the throne! Boba Fett is back! With more limelight shone on him than a pair of blazing suns, the beloved character has returned to our screens in the second season of The Mandalorian and in his own series earlier this year. With all this attention it was onlyContinue reading “Full Review – Boba Fett’s Throne Room 75326”

Lost for Words: Say hello to LEGO Icons

by Lukas Mack Lego have made a real push in recent years towards sets for older builders with their ‘18+’ black boxes adorning shelves everywhere. With the accompanying “Adults Welcome” campaign some of these sets have been real hits but with the quiet retiring of the Creator Expert theme in 2020, where to place ourContinue reading “Lost for Words: Say hello to LEGO Icons”