PerthLUG January Buildapalooza

Hey Richie, I hear you ask, what is the buildapalooza? Well it’s pretty simple really! A night for adult fans of LEGO to chill out, build a set, socialise and maybe win a prize!

Yea Richie, but when is it? The second Monday of EVERY month, so that means Monday 11th January!

Oh, I see, but Richie, where is it? The John McGrath Pavilion just off Hensman St. In fact, if you do to google maps and search for “Perth LEGO Users Group” it’ll lead you right to us! Tell you what, here’s a link I prepared earlier!

The Perth LEGO Users Group, on Google Maps!

Well Richie, it’s probably a very expensive night, right? Nope! Entry is only $5, which helps us pay the hall hire fee, and for that money you get an entry in our door prize! And if you’ve got a few more spare dollars in the pocket, you could also buy some tickets in our raffles if you’re keen!

Oh my gosh, that sounds awesome! Anything else? You betcha! We’ve also got the parts draft (click here to watch a video explaining what a parts draft is). There’s great conversations with great people, plenty of laughs and you know you’re in a safe place to enjoy your hobby, because that’s why we are there too!

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