PerthLUG December Build Competition – “The Christmas Party!”

It’s time for our very last building competition for 2021, and of course it’s going to be Christmas themed! Up for grabs is the fantastic 10270 Creator Expert Bookshop and all you need to do is build an end of year Christmas Party! The usual family friendly rules apply, so get building and send yourContinue reading “PerthLUG December Build Competition – “The Christmas Party!””

“The Journey…” – The PerthLUG August/September Building Competition

It’s that time again! Put your thinking caps on, get that box of bricks out and show us what you’ve got! Our theme this time around is “The Journey”. What journey? Well that’s up to you. The brief is simple, design a scene that conveys the beginning of a journey. Is it an adventure intoContinue reading ““The Journey…” – The PerthLUG August/September Building Competition”

ICYMI: LEGO Typewriter 21327 – Launching Tonight!

Launching tonight for VIP members, the brand new LEGO 21327 IDEAS Typewriter is an impressive looking beast. Coming in at a healthy 2079pces, it sits at 27cm wide, 26cm deep and 12cm high and makes a beautiful display piece. As mentioned in the past, links from this page may generate affiliate income for the ownersContinue reading “ICYMI: LEGO Typewriter 21327 – Launching Tonight!”

Sunday Shopping Spree – Amazon Edition

Disclosure: some links in this article may generate income for the owners of the website at no additional cost or expense of the reader. Before we get started, let me recommend that if you havent already, you should get yourself a Prime membership. Its about $7/month and aside from the music and movies and TVContinue reading “Sunday Shopping Spree – Amazon Edition”

Review: Everyone is Awesome 40516, by Sue Ann C.

Introducing the brand new 346 piece 40516 “Everyone is Awesome” LEGO set marketed under the new “Adult” branding 18+ range. Launch date is June 1st, and the RRP will be $59.99. Available online at and Lego brand stores near you! At first glance – a set that is very much “out there” and screamsContinue reading “Review: Everyone is Awesome 40516, by Sue Ann C.”

WA Brick Society Q&A with LEGO Masters Australia Winners, David and Gus!

If you didn’t get enough Q&A action last night with Owen and Scotty you’re in for a treat tonight. The winners of LEGO Masters Australia 2021, David and Gus will be popping in to answer your questions from 5.30pm Click here and you can pop over to the WA Brick Society Face ooo page rightContinue reading “WA Brick Society Q&A with LEGO Masters Australia Winners, David and Gus!”

WA Brick Society Q&A with Owen and Scott from Lego Masters Australia.

Tonight at 6.30pm WAST, the crew over at the WA Brick Society are running another Lego Masters Q&A session, this time with Perth’s very own Owen and Scott! Follow the link below to get to the WABS Facebook page, pop your questions up and the lads will do their best to get you some answers!Continue reading “WA Brick Society Q&A with Owen and Scott from Lego Masters Australia.”

April Buildapalooza – Everything you need to know!

WHAT IS IT? A casual monthly get together of AFOLs to enjoy their hobby in a safe space with like minded adult Lego fans. Bring along something to build, bring along some snacks and drinks if you want to. Grab a seat, and just relax. We dont bite (unless you pay extra). WHEN IS IT?Continue reading “April Buildapalooza – Everything you need to know!”