Flashback: PerthLUG March Building Competition – “Movies”

Onwards now to March, we challenged our builders to create a scene depicting Movies, and boy did they ever deliver. We hope you’ll all love taking a look back through these excellent entries as much as we did. [Below] Smashing their way to 1st Place, with none other than a ripper Aussie icon, was KatjaContinue reading “Flashback: PerthLUG March Building Competition – “Movies””

PerthLUG December Build Competition – “Celebration!”

If you haven’t seen it over on the Facebook page yet the December 16×16 build competition is now open. Obviously with it being December we were going to theme the build around Christmas but we also realise that not everyone celebrates Christmas specifically, so the build is open for everyone to show what their celebrationContinue reading “PerthLUG December Build Competition – “Celebration!””

Flashback: PerthLUG February Building Competition – “Adventure!”

The first building competition we ran for 2020, way back in February challenged our builders to create a scene on a 16×16 plate and the theme was “Adventure!”. Lets take a look back at the fantastic builds we received! [Below] – Taking out First Place was Leanne Driel with her rather excellent kayaking scene, capturingContinue reading “Flashback: PerthLUG February Building Competition – “Adventure!””

The Lego.com Black Friday Sale is Coming!

As most of you are no doubt aware, Lego.com launch their Black Friday sale 9pm tonight for us folk here in Perth! So, whats on offer? 1. Double VIP Points on your entire purchase! For those who dont know, VIP points are equal to 5% of your purchase value (excluding postage), and are applied toContinue reading “The Lego.com Black Friday Sale is Coming!”

It’s Alive!

It is with great pleasure that we announce the launch of our official website, PerthLUG.com! Working alongside our Facebook group, our website will help us to showcase the talent our amazing community has built over the years. We will have updates on upcoming local and global events. We are planning regular reviews and up toContinue reading “It’s Alive!”