Amazon Boxing Day Deals

If you were lucky enough to get through Xmas with a small pile of cash left over, or perhaps were gifted some from friends, family or loved ones, here’s some ideas of where to spend it.

Amazon launched their Boxing Day sale a day early, but there’s also some really great deals available not listed as part of the sale.

We posted the link yesterday on the PerthLUG Facebook page but I think the 10261 Creator Roller Coaster Deal is worth mentioning a second time because 30% off is great. $350 including postage.

LEGO Creator Expert Roller Coaster 10261 Building Kit

The new Art range has been pretty well received, and the models themselves are great to look at, but at $199.99 each, they aren’t cheap. So why not grab the 31200 Sith Art set for $129. Marilyn Monroe is the same price too!

LEGO® Art Star Wars The Sith 31200 Building Kit

And no sale would be complete without some of everyone’s favourite theme, Friends! Follow the link and grab the 41424 Friends Jungle Rescue Base and save 31% off RRP, it’s at a low low $110. I think I’ll grab one for my collection.

LEGO Friends Jungle Rescue Base 41424 Building Kit

The biggest modular release so far, the 10255 Creator Expert Assembly Square is back in stock with a healthy 25% discount. $299 is a great price and it’s a fine addition to any city builders display.

LEGO Creator Expert Assembly Square 10255 Building Kit

Editors Note: hopefully these links work. PerthLUG has recently applied to become Amazon Affiliates and we are learning as we go.

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