Amazon Technic Deals

In what can only be described as a HORRIBLE oversight, it’s been pointed out that our deals post contained ZERO Technic deals.

Now, as it is well known that Technic is one of my ALL TIME FAVOURITE themes, I feel the need to rectify our mistake immediately.

First up, some sort of truck thing. It’s blue. Usually $179.99 RRP, now it’s down to a low low $119.99.


LEGO 42112 Technic Concrete Mixer Truck

What else…um…oh yeah there’s this yellow thing. It’s a truck too. Brrrrrm brrrrrm! Normally $379.99, now only $260, which is a huge discount to be fair.

LEGO Technic 42114 6×6 Volvo Articulated Hauler

And finally, it’s a car, not a truck. It goes even faster. Mmmrrrrrrwwwwwwoooooooosh! Normally $199.99, it’s 25% off at $149

LEGO Technic 42109 App-controlled Top Gear Rally Car

Hey Spud, this entire article is just for you mate!

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