The Black Friday Sale is Coming!

As most of you are no doubt aware, launch their Black Friday sale 9pm tonight for us folk here in Perth! So, whats on offer?

1. Double VIP Points on your entire purchase! For those who dont know, VIP points are equal to 5% of your purchase value (excluding postage), and are applied to your account for use on future purchases. During the Black Friday sale, you’ll receive points up to the value of 10%!! To put that into perspective, if you were to purchase the 75192 UCS Millennium Falcon, you’d receive approx $130 to use against your next shop!

What else is up for grabs?

2. All eligible purchases over $209 will automatically qualify for the Charles Dickens Tribute Gift With Purchase set! Not bad for a freebie!

Anything else? YEP!

3. Has the new 10276 Colosseum grabbed your attention? Well if so, all eligible purchases will receive The Chariot Gift With Purchase!

All this is of course remembering that ALL purchases over $149 will receive FREE SHIPPING!

I mean, we are all fully aware of the stocking issues with our warehouse, so hopefully what you’re chasing is in stock. Stock levels are adjusted multiple times throughout the day, so keep refreshing.

Before I go, I’ll leave the direct link the website here with a small caveat/reminder that we do use affiliate links which helps us to maintain the website. Every time you use an affiliate link you’re helping to make PerthLUG bigger and better!

Direct link to the Australian website HERE!

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