2020 a year in review

The end is nigh…but never fear, the future is looking great!

As we say goodbye to 2020, we should take this opportunity to review the year we had.
2020 saw us all have more time at home and Lego, as either a medium to create or as a boredom buster, proved very popular and important to us all.

As a group we continued to host our monthly Build Competitions which provided winners with wonderful prizes courtesy of The Lego Group and wow did our members show just how talented they really are. And whilst our WA version of a lock down was relatively short and painless compared to our eastern states neighbours, we sadly were unable to hold our Buildapalooza for a few months. Things are now almost back to preCovid times and the Buildapalooza is once again being held on the second Monday of every month. Check the Buildapalooza tab for more details.

The Lego Group generously continued to provide an awesome door prize for our meetings and the pluggers attending each month continued to blow our minds with their sense of community and togetherness (but not too together, gotta remember that social distancing folks!).

Our webpage, PerthLUG.com was established and we were invited to participate in the Australian affiliate program with The Lego Group. Purchases made with our affiliate links generate a small amount of income (3% of total sale value) which helps to pay for our website and to plan future events. We are eternally grateful for the support and positivity shown.

December saw us run our first monthly draw and it was a blinding success. Pluggers were able to purchase tickets for $5each and we ran a live draw at the December Buildapalooza. The monthly draws are an excellent way to give pluggers a chance to win great sets such as modulars and other popular items. Keep an eye on the Facebook page for January’s draw. We are hoping to secure the new Police Station modular.

So, what are your resolutions for 2021? Starting a new theme? Creating a lego room? Maybe challenging yourself to take part in Bricktober 2021? Let’s us know!
The lego world is yours and this community is here for you.
Both Richie and I are looking forward to a lot of new and great things for PerthLUG in 2021. And most of all we are looking forward to bringing you all along for the ride.

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