Microscale Masterclass of Titanic Proportions!

I have been watching Titanic MOCs on IDEAS come and go, secretly hoping one would be accepted and come out as a set. When the 10294 Titanic set was sent to me as a review set, I could not believe my eyes! Bypassing any IDEAS creations, LEGO have surpassed my expectations and created their ownContinue reading “Microscale Masterclass of Titanic Proportions!”

Looking for some Hunny?

Set your clocks for 10pm tonight. The Ideas Winnie the Pooh Set is going to be available to VIP members from 10pm tonight and to non VIP from April 1. Head back to the 100 acre wood with your old favourites Pooh, Piglet, Tigger, Rabbit and Eeyore. This looks like a wonderful set jammed fullContinue reading “Looking for some Hunny?”

Winners are Grinners!

Big smiles from these three first prize winners of the January, February and Mid February Prize draws. Our monthly, and now (due to popular demand) bi-monthly draws, have produced some very happy faces as they received their awesome first place raffle prizes.Our first draw was held in the first week of January and drawn atContinue reading “Winners are Grinners!”