Set Review 75292 The Razor Crest

The newest “hunk of junk in the galaxy”, the Razor Crest, was a definite set choice for me.
As the Mandalorian season 2 drew to a close on Friday, I thought it was timely to do a review on the 75292 Razor Crest. There is a likeable nature, similar to that of the Millennium Falcon that draws me in to these “hunk of junk” spacecraft. I am a huge fan of the Mandalorian series and it’s characters, so the minifigs, including Din Djarin (Mando ) and Grogu (Baby Yoda/The Child), were a must for me. The set also includes a scout trooper, IG-11 and Greef Karga.

The Razor Crest, like a lot of Star Wars vehicles has a technic frame and plate panels using clip and hinge style elements to build the unique shape of the body. The set is a nice, displayable size and the designer has definitely done a good job getting the proportions of the vehicle close for this set.

I don’t play with sets, but the cockpit, carbonite storage racks, access doors and firing missiles definitely tick those boxes for younger builders. The vehicle itself is very sturdy and is very swooshable and there is a nice little escape pod addition that we don’t get to see in the TV show.

The set comes with a sticker sheet. I personally don’t apply stickers as I like to re-use the elements for other builds. The set, in my opinion, presents well enough without stickers.

Pros – Minifigs are great! Size of the set is not overwhelming – it can be built in one session or two. Lots of great elements that are reusable.

Cons – It’s not easy to find in store on the shelf and the $200 price point can be a big chunk of the Christmas budget.

I am happy I got this one. There is very little Mandalorian Lego available, so if you are also a fan of the series, keep your eyes peeled and hopefully you can find one too.

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