Sunday Shopping Spree – Amazon Edition

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Before we get started, let me recommend that if you havent already, you should get yourself a Prime membership. Its about $7/month and aside from the music and movies and TV shows and books that are included, the best part hands down is FREE shipping on all orders. In fact, sometimes you even get free international shipping. And not only is it free, its fast too. Now, with that out of the way, lets get down to brass tacks, LEGO DEALS!

Lego Art Range

Lasting longer and covering far more themes and topics than I expected, theres some pretty good deals on some of the Art sets right now, the best being 31197 Andy Warhols Marilyn Monroe at 60% off, down to only $79 (RRP $199), followed by Disney’s Mickey Mouse 31202, at a still very awesome half price, $99 (RRP $199), and then 45% off Marvel Studio’s Iron Man 31199 which is still a great saving, currently $109 (RRP $199).

Lego Helmets Range

If Art isnt your thing, and I dont blame you, perhaps you should consider helmets. Because…um…well theyre helmet-y and…er…discounts?

But seriously, practically every Helmet and Mask in the range is at a minimum 20% off, with a few being slightly better. Personally I havent bought anything from the Star Wars line for a long time, but the first 3 helmets they released were an easy choice, and I’ll be adding Vader and the Scout trooper to my collection once we move house. They look great on display and I cant wait to see where they take the theme next.

So starting from the top…

75277 Boba Fett – 23% off, $69 ($89.99 RRP)

75276 Stormtrooper – 23% off, $69 ($89.99 RRP)

75274 Tie Fighter – 23% off, $69 ($89.99 RRP)

Even though he isnt part of the Star Wars universe, thats no reason to leave Iron Man out of the party. You can grab his helmet for 23% off as well, at the moment, 76165 Marvel Studios Iron Man, $69 ($89.99 RRP).

The second wave in the theme is also on sale, at 21-23% off, which is obviously offered at retailers as well, but since youre sitting at home in your pyjamas and dont want to go out today, I’ll link them for you here.

75304 – Darth Vader – 21% off, $71.20 ($89.99 RRP)

75305 – Scout Trooper – 21% off, $71.20 ($89.99 RRP)

76187 – Venom – 21% off, $71.20 ($89.99 RRP)

76199 – Carnage – 23% off, $69 ($89.99 RRP)

Now Im happy to accept the fact that perhaps not even helmets and masks are your thing (weirdo) so why dont we switch gears, and take a trip to one of my absolute favourite themes of all time, Friends.

If theres one thing the residents of Friendsville (I made that up) are known for its their wild parties (I made that up as well) and the best party anyone can ever have is on a boat (I made that up too, Ive literally got NFI). So lets start with the aptly named Friends Party Boat 41433, currently at the party-rific price of $78.99 which is a party-tastic 51% off ($159.99 RRP). I mean, buy a half dozen of them and have a flotilla of party craft sailing the seas. Or something.

Its just like when I hang out on my boat with my friends, except I dont have a boat or any friends.

As mentioned above, Friends is only one of my favourite themes and anyone who knows me will tell you I absolutely adore Technic. Its got all those pins and gears and beam things and the other parts, wow. Truly magnificent. So, if youre like me and cannot get enough of that sweet sweet Technic action, youll probably be excited to find out that the 42109 Lego Technic App Controller Top Gear Rally Car is 44% off! A usual RRP of $199.99, down to only $111.39.

I bet I’d have more friends if I was into Technic. Those guys are so cool.

Rally Cars arent you thing but you still want some of that Technic based action? Dont sweat it, I got you fam. The Lego Technic 42099 X-treme Off-Roader is a tasty 31% off while stocks last, so grab it now for $263.20 (RRP $379.99)

Listen, I could sit here all day and list all of my favourite Technic sets but we dont have time for that and also that list is imaginary.

Lets finish up with some great sets that always seem to be on sale, and even though Im guessing, might mean that theyre due for retirement. Nothing screams “clear stock” like something ALWAYS being sold at a reduced price.

Lego Creator Expert Assembly Square 10255 – RRP is $399, but you can still grab this for $279, which is 30% off and well worth the money.

Lego Creator Expert Roller Coaster 10261 – RRP is $499, and Ive seen this on sale continually for the last year. Thisll be my top pick to retire first. Again, take that with a grain of salt, but nothing lasts forever. Currently on sale for $357, which is 29% off.

Lego Stranger Things The Upside Down 75810 – With a new set coming (hinted at by Lego on their socials) now might be a great time to grab this set at 25% off. RRP is $349, its currently down to $263.20

Lego City 60198 Cargo Train – RRP is $299. Been around for a good couple years now, and constantly on special, at the moment is 34% off, down to $199. Pretty decent price for a solid set.

Lego City 60197 Passenger Train – RRP is 199. No rail network is complete without a high speed passenger train, so why not couple this with the Cargo train and really get your city moving. 32% off, down to $135

To finish up, Im gonna list my picks for bargains, not because theyre amazing sets (Im not a fan of the theme) but because at half price or better, these are absolutely awesome packs of parts to add to your collection.

Lego 71366 Super Mario Boomer Bill Barrage – 60% off, down to $20
Lego 71368 Super Mario Toads Treasure Hunt – 51% off, down to $49
Lego 71363 Super Mario Desert Pokey Expansion – 50% off, down to $15

Well, we hope youve found some bargains today! As always, drop us a comment, or give us a like and follow, or even feel free to share our article around!

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