PerthLUG “Horrible Horticulture” – Winners!

Firstly a big thank you to all the entrants, your submissions were and are fantastic!

We’ve got 3 major prizes, and have rustled up 2 sets of runner-up prizes too (runners up will each receive 1 x 40524 Sunflowers and 40460 Roses), just because!

So without further ado, as voted by members of the admin team, and some unbiased external judges, we have the following top 3 winners

Kim Brackman – “Zoe’s Garden”

Kirsty Vermeer – “The Aussie Backyard”

Zach Illingworth – “An Experiment Gone Awry”

And our runners up (which is a misnomer really, as all the ntries were awesome!) are:-

Max Shailer – “The Succubug”

Leanne Driel – “Silvia’s Garden”

Once again, congratulations to all of you absolutely amazing builders. We’ll be in touch regarding your prizes!

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