The PerthLUG “Horrible Horticulture” Building Competition

Here they are, all the entries for out latest build competition. Participants were tasked with creating a scene depicting some truly horrible horticulture and they didnt let us down. Onto the entries!

Max Shailer – “Ferocious Flora!”

“By day, a garden of succulents. Come nightfall, bugs beware. Equipped with a spiky cactus tail and aloe pincers, Succubug goes on a crusade to munch those who once munched them.”

Kirsty Vermeer – “The Quintessential Aussie Backyard Corner”

“Barren browned over grass, spotted with prickles, runs rampant. A broken lawnmower lays abandoned and just as dejected as its owner feels whenever he sees it and the weeds that threaten to overrun the machine and reclaim it into nature.

 Cracked pavers struggle to remain in place, as an out of control Aloe Vera plant bursts from behind the drain pipe. Desperate to make room amongst the debris of packing boxes that were meant to go out on verge pickup, 8 months ago. Weeds are taking over the shed in their fight for supremacy, and are basking against the hot tin roof. A roof haphazardly patched over the years, as evidenced by the loose board, nestled in the dead grass plants that have lost their will to survive on a diet of neglect.

 The only other sign of life in this wasteland is the enormous Web. That no one dare remove, lest they meet its maker.”

Kim Brackman – “Zoe’s Garden”

“Zoe has lovingly curated an amazing assortment of mutated plants in the hope to fulfill her dream of appearing on Bitter Gnomes and Gardens. 

Carnivorous Snap Lilies, Poison Eye-vy, Grouchy Troll Orchid and the Black-Haired Spider-Legged Daisy, are what make this relaxing garden such a highlight of joy in an otherwise lifeless existence for Zoe.”

Leanne Driel – “Silvia’s Garden”

“Sylvia’s gorgeous garden and particularly her majestic monstera plant is the envy of all her neighbours. Little does anyone know that the monstera plant is part of a real-life monster lurking just beneath the ground!”

Zachary Illingworth – “An Experiment Gone Awry…”

“… while experimenting on a rare and special species of flower, scientists accidentally cause it to rapidly grow until it exploded through their building where it developed a newfound taste for steel and concrete… the city it seems… is doomed…”

Absolutely awesome effort from all the entrants! Have you got a favourite? Drop us a comment and let us know and we’ll have the winners posted soon!

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