And the winner is…

It’s that time where we request a drumroll and announce the winner of our latest build competition.

Without a doubt we had another amazing field of entries, and it goes without saying that you’re all extremely talented builders and should be proud of yourselves. I often think what I would build for the themes we announce and then when the entries start rolling in I’m kinda glad I don’t get to enter because I’d get trounced every single time.

Enough babbling from me…let’s do this!

The winner, of the May/June “It Came From Outer Space” building competition is.





Zachary Illingworth and his Late Night Logging build! It was an almost unanimous decision from the judging panel. Well deserved Zach! Great stuff.

Once again, we want to thank ALL the entrants, and we hope to see more great builds when we announce our next competition on August 1st!

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