LEGO to release T2 – John Connor Approves

OK, OK Maybe not the T2 we remember from the 90’s Terminator franchise, but instead the Kombi 2nd Gen T2 from the 60’s. Our very own Claudia, Admin and super fan of the VW Kombi gets first look at the upcoming T2 Camper.
The 2207 element VW T2 will retail at $269.99 and will be available online August 1st.

Wow wow wow – what more can I say… this set brings two of my favourite things together. LEGO and VW’s,  and especially the Kombi Van. It’s been my dream to own one, but I think the closest I will get is owning the LEGO versions.  

My great love of Volkswagens stems from my father who was a VW specialist. So with his workshop being on our property, there was always a VW nearby. I learned to drive in a VW notchback and drove a VW station wagon around until I could afford to purchase my own car. What always impressed me was the power behind these smaller cars. They took off like a rocket!

This set consists on 11 stages, which actually turns out to be 21 bags. The instruction manual is detailed with VW history, plus fun facts regarding the Kombi – such as ‘Camper fridges in the 70’s was normally powered by propane gas, which was also used for the cooking stove and cabin heater’. 

The instructions are user friendly, and straight forward and easy to follow. I enjoyed the build over 2 nights. One of the pages showcases the history of Lego Volkswagen sets LEGO have produced. I now need VW Auto Showroom 307 which was brought out in 1957 to finish my collection – so if LEGO headquarters have a spare to send me, I would be happy to oblige and review that set – or maybe one day a re-release? 

Now back to the T2. One of the things that impressed me the most was the sliding door. There is a button you press underneath which releases the door for you to be able to slide it open (so clever). The interior consists of a full camping kitchen with gas stove, sink and fridge. The seat turns into a bed and there is a swing out table. There are functioning doors, tailgate and an engine flap (which contains an Air-cooled boxer engine). Working steering and a pop-up camping roof. Fabric curtains finish the interior nicely. Accessories include two folding camping chairs which store nicely on top of the camper van and a Kombi would not be complete without a surfboard. The sticker sheet has optional decorative stickers you can apply, flowers and letters that spell ‘love’ I opted to leave these off as I love the Kombi just as it is, plus the fact, I am terrible at applying stickers – this also helped my decision. One part that was not a sticker which I am so grateful for are the hubcaps, which were printed and such a nice addiction.  

Finally, I brought the T1 model out for comparison. T2 is larger in size as you can see in the photos. But each model is unique and hard to compare as they are different VW models. I love them both.  

Big thanks to Sven Franic the designer of the T2 model, you have made VW Lego fans proud and a big thanks to Richie and Dale for choosing me to review this awesome set. It will be cherished just like my other VW LEGO models.  

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