“It Came From Outer Space!” – The PerthLUG May/June Building Competition

Way back in May we set our members a new building challenge, this time reaching out into the great cosmos. “It Came From Outer Space” allowed our intrepid builders to flex their scifi muscles and come up with something out of this world. Lets get started with the entries!

Neil Scholz – Crashed To Earth!

A great little vignette, a crashed craft, curious investigator, military presence, who knows whats inside? Well we do, because Neil was kind enough to build the pilot of the craft as well!

Jennifer Coggin – Mountain Biking Terror!

Jennifer writes:

A day mountain biking and picnicking is thrown in to disarray by an alien invasion. The aliens send out a robot to gather sample humans while the space ship uses a tractor beam to draw up anything it can in to the ship. People running, with someone stopping to help a fallen friend, the course photographer hiding, and general chaos ensuing. 

Matt and Max Shailer – First and Final Showing!

If youve ever been to Ace Cinemas in Rockingham, this scene will be nothing out of the ordinary. If youre not from around the deep south, youre in for a treat. Giant alien – check. Awesome raygun – check. Sticky seats – check. Overpriced snacks – CHECK.

James Lucas – Generation Ship

James take a whole bunch of Space themes from Lego’s catalog and smashes them together in this excellent build he cleverly calls the Generation Ship. How many themes can you spot?

Kim and Doug – The Eggs Files

Trying to win their way to my heart with puns, Kim and Doug have submitted a cracking build, based around the awesome X-Files TV show, BUT WITH A TWIST!

Kim says: Eggs Files – With their home planet under threat of a dying sun, these friendly green aliens sent ships in all directions hoping to find a new home. One of their small spacecraft has crashed into the side of a mountain on Earth. By the time it’s discovered and being investigated, the cargo of alien eggs has started being dispensed and they have hatched and started to grow. There are several at different growth stages – hatchling, infant, toddler, teenager, adult – and they are venturing out into their new world.

Stephen Slaney – Earthlings Go Home

In a somewhat horrifying development, Perseverance Rover stumbles across intelligent life on Mars. However, we arent welcome. At all. Top stuff Stephen!

Zachary Illingworth – Late Night Logging

Zachary writes: A logger is driving through the forest at night. A small dim blue light shines down on the road as the logger spots an odd looking tree… Little does he know what it hiding above him, blending into the trees…

Joyman Lee – Red Visitor From Earth

An alien looking landscape full of alien looking flora and an alien look robot all add to make an amazing scene, sent in by Joyman Lee! Absolutely amazing parts usage in all of the trees and plants and the little robot is just fantastic!

Michelle Baker – Naughty Johnny!

Michelle writes: Naughty Johnny, broke into Area 51 and thought he’d take a ride around earth on a really cool spaceship.  Unfortunately, it automatically took him to the planet where the spaceship originated from, and because he didn’t know how to navigate the spaceship, it landed in the planet’s hot lava. There is alien elepanty on the top and he is looking after the plants by lighting them up from under the deck, and he’ll probably eat Johnny when the spaceship melts and gets sucked up in those tubes.

Doug Paice – “Ahem, excuse me…”

Doug writes: Our astronomer is sure someone is out there, she wants to believe. But sometimes, when you’re looking in one direction, what you’re looking for sneaks up on you from the other.

What an amazing field of entries. Picking a winner isnt gonna be easy, but we gotta do what we gotta do! Stay tuned!

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