February BuildAtHome-apalooza – Door Prize Edition

As most of you were no doubt aware, we had to cancel our February Buildapalooza because of the COVID-19 case in Perth a couple weeks ago. As Perthians, we all knew it was the right thing to do and even though our state maintained a zero case result in the days following, we missed our beloved gathering for the greater good of the community. Which when you think about it, is exactly what makes PerthLUG excellent, our sense of community.

Now, if you’re a regular attendee of the Buildapalooza nights you’ll no doubt be aware of our regular door prize giveaway that we have every month thanks in no small part to the generosity of The Lego Group. Since we didnt have a Build night, but still had a prize to giveaway I quickly got to work on devising a truly well thought out, excellently planned, top of the range, best of the best, couldn’t-do-better-with-no-time-to-think-while-I-was-at-work competition that would be equal the joy of seeing your faces in person.

So the “You and a Minifig and a Door – Door Prize Giveaway” was born.

The rules were simple. Take a photo/selfie of yourself, a minifig and a door in your home and post it to the Facebook page. Geddit? ITS A DOOR PRIZE AND TO WIN YOU HAD TO POST A PHOTO OF YOURSELF NEAR A DOOR.

Anyway, WOW. You guys really indulged me, and gave me plenty of chuckles. But there can only be one winner, and that winner was Darren Solomon. Big congratulations to him. BUT Darren being the absolute champion he is, actually gifted the set back to us to put into our Brickmas Appeal, which officially makes Darren the very first donator for 2021. DOUBLE LEGEND.

Thanks again to everyone for getting involved. Enjoy the gallery below, I know I did!

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