Winners are Grinners!

Big smiles from these three first prize winners of the January, February and Mid February Prize draws.
Our monthly, and now (due to popular demand) bi-monthly draws, have produced some very happy faces as they received their awesome first place raffle prizes.
Our first draw was held in the first week of January and drawn at our January Buildapalooza.
Our January raffle prize was the beautiful 10270 Bookshop taken home by one very happy Elisabeth Stumpf.
The beginning of February saw Perth enter a lockdown, which meant Buildpalooza was cancelled. However, the show still went on, with our February raffle going ahead and the draw coming live from my home. Our February first prize, the spectacular 71741 Ninjago City Gardens was won by a beaming Russell Butcher.
Pluggers were keen for another raffle, so we made a mid-month raffle, the freshly released 21325 Ideas Medieval Blacksmith. This was very popular and even though we limited the tickets to one per person, they still sold out in record time. A very happy Pam Haigh dropped in to collect her prize and was still pinching herself in disbelief she won.

If you also want to be a winner, our March raffle will be the very desirable 75290 Mos Eisley Cantina. We will run it on the 1st of March for the week leading up to our March Buildapalooza and it will be drawn on the night at the buildapalooza using our famous 100 ball bingo barrel. We will set a time for the raffle launch and give warning on the Perth LUG Facebook page before it happens.

Can’t wait to win? Any of these sets are available through the Lego website by clicking the logo

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