The Build Night Break Down: April!

by Lukas Mack

Buildapalooza is Perth Lego Users Group’s build night. Every month on the second Monday we get together to talk Lego, build Lego and generally share in this hobby we all love. This month’s meet-up brought us together over the Easter break and we weren’t short on numbers that’s for sure. Maybe it was all that chocolate at the door..?

Included in your $5 entry fee is an entry into our door prize as usual but this month Sue-Anne and Silvia were handing out the chocolate eggs to boot. In fact, all the admin team members there on the night were in the Easter spirit – identifiable by their absolutely-not-embarrassing fluffy, floppy ears!

Admin members (Left to right): Lukas, Silvia, Ben, Sue-Anne, Dale (Absent: Claudia, Richie)

And for that door prize, well this month there were actually a bundle and alllll themed for the occasion. We had the Creator 3in1 White Rabbit 31133, Easter Chicks 40527 (thanks to Sue-Anne for the donation!) and 40463 Easter Bunny. How utterly delightful!

Ben and Steve took home the White Rabbit and Easter Chicks respectively, or at least I would say that if they had made it on the night. Luckily, both are paid members ($50 for the year) and one perk is automatic entry to the door prize even if you can’t attend. Ben and Steve, your sets will find their way to you very soon.

Our congratulations go to you both and also Leander who did take home the Easter Bunny and a bonus big choccie. Not bad for third prize mate!

We also run a parts draft each month and this time round the group chose a slightly smaller set making the draft very accessible. I definitely spotted a couple of first-timers and if you haven’t yet given the parts draft a shot then have a go next month. It’s all hands on deck but so exciting and a great way to come home with bundles of useful building parts. Follow our Facebook page for all the details.

If you missed this build night, don’t fret, Buildapalooza will be back next month on the second Monday as usual – that’s the 8th of May at our usual time and place; 7-11pm at John McGrath Pavilion off Hensman st, Como. Absolutely all are welcome and we can’t wait to see you there!



Product pictures courtesy The Lego Group

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