The Build Night Break Down: March!

Buildapalooza is Perth Lego Users Group’s build night. Every month on the second Monday we get together to talk Lego, build Lego and just catch up. As I was taking a little break, this month Dale steps in to give us a recap of the night’s proceedings and looks like I missed out on a ton of fun!

Over to Dale;

“There was a mix of builds during the night that included some classic space, animal sculptures, the Friends Central Perk diorama through to a ladies group build of the ideas A-frame.”

“It is always great to see the great variety of what pluggers enjoy building on the night. 

The parts draft was also very cool. As we can see from Jijin’s haul from the wildflower set!”

Thanks Dale! Look at all these wonderful builds, and that parts draft – what a bonker’s haul. Incredible! Serves me right for taking a silly holiday and missing out on all this -eeeesh.

Well then, I better not miss next month’s Buildapalooza happening Easter Monday. I hear whispers of chocolate eggs on the night…shhhh. But you can join us too at our regular location John McGrath Pavilion off Hensman st, Como on April 10th, 7-11pm. Entry is just $5 for adults and free for the kiddos. All are absolutely welcome!


Words by Dale Horsley and Lukas Mack

Pictures by Dale Horsley and Product image courtesy of The Lego Group

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