Half Price Amazon Deals!

Looking to bolster your Bricklink inventory? Want to pad out your own build collection with new parts? Then you’ll probably be interested in the half price sets currently on offer at Amazon!

First up, 71383 Super Mario Wigglers Poison Swamp, usually $59.99, down to $29!

Next, weve got the 76155 Eternals Arishem’s Shadow. 4 minifigs and an amazing selection of parts in Dark Red! Down to $59 (normally $119.99)

Sticking with the Super Heroes theme, 76156 Eternals Rise of the Domo, $90, down from %179.99! 6 minifigs and lots of grey tones, blues and trans clear parts!

Last but not least, some Duplo! The 10948 Car Park and Wash set is now a respectable $85, down from its normal rrp of $169.99!

Theres also an amazing amount of sets greater than 40% off too, like the 41689 Friends Magical Funfair Ferris Wheel for $48 (normally $89.99), the 71749 Ninjago Flight of Destiny’s Bounty for $39 (down from $69.99) and lastly the 60253 City Ice-Cream Truck for a delicious $17.00!

Of course, if youre a Prime Member, then all of this comes with free expedited shipping!

Disclaimer: the links provided in this article may generate affiliate revenue for our website, at no additional cost to you, our reader. PerthLUG thanks you for your support.

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