Review – 40540 Brickheadz Lion Dance Guy

As a Brickheadz enthusiast, upon opening the box, I can almost tell this set contains more parts than I usually 

I wasn’t wrong, this set comes with such details. Again I love the yellow and red colour scheme. If you have built the set 80104, then you will appreciate this lion costume design follows the yellow lion from that set. I love the little details the designer has put into it. It’s a balance of simple and exquisite. Also as a fans of Dots, those little 1×1 tiles have been used wisely to create fine detail of the pattern on the costume too. 

Here I have paired it with set 40354 Dragon Dance Guy. They look good side by side ! 

Lion Dance Guy Brickheadz is so bright and colourful. It will made a good house decoration for LNY, and nice little gift to give to family and friends too. 

LEGO Lunar New Year series are such fun and happy sets to build. I sincerely hope there will be many more to come, just like the Winter Village theme. Yes, we can never get enough of them!

Words by Amy Lau
Photos by Amy Lau

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