“The Journey” – The PerthLUG August/September Build Competition

Its that time again where our amazing builders flex their creative muscles and show us just what theyve got!

Lets get into it!

“The Journey of Many Days and Nights” – James Lucas

No destination in mind, walking pole at the ready, its time to set off. James has created another mechanical wonder in his latest entry!

“The Journey of Life” – Russell Butcher

A sobering and timely reminder from Russell, very poignant!

The Journey to the North” – Steph Vermey

Fun fact, Ive never been to the snow, and Steph’s build has reminded me I really need to!

“Inspiration taken from our trip to finland when we went on a husky ride and attempted skiing and ice fishing.”

“Life is a Journey” – Jennifer Coggin

Life is a journey. We have ideas for which paths we’ll take but life sometimes has other plans for us. We can’t control all the aspects of life’s journey but we can gather amazing memories along the path.

Fantastic way to look at things Jennifer, well said!

“A Journey in Time” – Max Shailer

Taking cue from the “no height restrictions” rule, young Max has…well…he’s gone and used as much of that space as possible. Great stuff!

A collection of snapshots in time. Stone age, Renaissance, early 1900’s, modern time and futuristic, all set within the grandfather of all time.

Well, there we have it. Stay tuned in the coming days as we announce the winner!

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