10291 Queer Eye – The Fab 5 Loft

Laid out in a similar way to the Friends and Seinfeld film sets, the Fab 5 Loft is a really beautiful build that would be a great addition for collectors and builders of modulars, not only because it is a great looking set but because it features lots of great parts. If you were to add a couple of lights, it would also be a great addition to the Friends and Seinfeld sets to start building up a film studio.  

The Ideas set is a collaboration between LEGO and the shows own designer, Bobby Berk. The loft features in season one of Queer Eye, which, if like me, you have only seen the first few seasons aired on free to air TV, is instantly recognisable.

The set includes 7 complete minifigs – the Fab 5 and a before and after version of their special guest, Kathy Dooley. The great thing about this set is that it also comes with extra minifig parts, including two extra hairs, a hat, three torsos and two sets of legs. And of course, I can’t forget Bruely, the “little pupperoni” that featured in seasons three and four. A very cute little French Bulldog!

The instructions are clear and easy to follow. There are small quotes from the fab 5 about the process and the set throughout. Some of the insights are interesting and some are a bit overkill, not offering much but to fill a blank space. The introduction in the instruction booklet was an interesting read, giving a glimpse of the process behind the sets creation.

The build starts with the furniture, which then gets put aside until the end of the build when it all comes together. I found the actual construction of the furniture to be quite clever, appropriating unexpected parts in different ways – just as we’ve come to expect from LEGO these days! This includes using window parts for the coffee table.

The attention to detail in this set adds to its charm. LEGO have included items like house plants, a coffee table photo album, cushions and kitchen items, just to name a few! I was particularly impressed by the kitchen set up that included a stocked fridge and a coffee machine.

If you’re not too fond of Queer Eye, then this is still a really great parts set for modular builders or minifig collectors. It includes 102 grey and 85 white house bricks – the white being a new piece for LEGO. The set also has a lot of minifig accessories like spoons, a whisk, a hairbrush, scissors, cups, bowls, pans and goblets. The set also has a number of doors, windows and plants, another reason that makes it a great parts set.

Overall, this was an enjoyable build that, although is marketed at 18+, I can see being a fun play set for younger humans. The kitchen is the highlight of the set with its amazing details. This set has a nice layout, including different rooms with lots going on but still giving ‘breathing’ space. The layout could be easily modified to look a bit more like a home and less like a film set. There are heaps of great parts for minifigs and modular builds, so whether you plan on building the set or using it for parts, it is definitely worth the splurge!

Review by Ashlea Reale

Photos courtesy of Ashlea Reale and The LEGO Group

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