Fertile Ground: Lego Creator Expert Pickup Truck 10290 Review

Words and Photos by Lukas Mack

Lego’s new 18+ vehicle is a bounty of charm and charisma, painted in nostalgia.

Lego’s latest black-box vehicular offering is an ode to that classic symbol of Americana – the good ol’ pickup truck. The set is due for an October 1 release date and will retail for $199.99.

Though you’ll find this truck isn’t your mate’s half-ton Hilux ute, it’s 1677 pieces combine to form one very appealing model regardless of its Yankee roots. To the credit of the design team, this pickup truck seeks not to recreate a specific make and model but rather evoke the spirit and the time in which these icons worked and toiled.

Welcoming us to the build, the instructions remind us of the classic nature of the set with a quick word from the designers before highlighting the set’s gimmick of seasonal mini-builds that accessorise the truck. The build is divided into eight steps but three quarters of these have two bags with the same number –a pet peeve of mine when building in limited space. Mercifully, the instructions are for the most part clear and return to a more traditional light grey background making dark pieces actually legible.

The build itself took me about four hours; a comfortable Sunday arvo sesh. The assembly begins with an appetizer of small seasonal mini-builds that don’t distract from the main course of the truck itself by overstaying their welcome. This is true of all but the Christmas wreath that is fiddly and overly delicate to put together.

The truck itself is built in logical stages from the chassis up. The fun really begins when working on the front axle and glimpsing the steering in action. For me, this is where these Creator Expert vehicles shine – marrying System and Technic build styles to be engaging without necessarily overwhelming.

One small hitch (pun intended) I did encounter however was placing the doors. While they do fit snuggly and cleanly in the end, the process requires flexing a rubber axle connector awkwardly without clear direction. This issue aside, the build overall is very satisfying but may fall somewhat short of the complexity of others in its line.

In terms of value, this set makes a compelling case. Like 2017’s London Bus set, Lego doesn’t need to pay for any specific license meaning you end up with more Lego for your coin. The Pickup Truck’s final form is one of utter charm and delight that is a stunner on display. If you can’t stand all the red though, this may not be the set for you!

Set kindly donated by The Lego Group

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