Halloween Seasonal Sets Review

Lego often make fun, cute sets that use clever part usage and are entertaining. My first set for review is not that. 40493 Spider and Haunted House is a frustrating little design that after many rebuilds, as elements flung off, finished off as disappointing ornament 2 pack that I wouldn’t care to display for Halloween.
Even the elements were disappointing and didn’t inspire any ideas for MOCs.
It was so disheartening I didn’t bother opening the second set until tonight. about 2 weeks after the release.

I opened the 2nd set, not too excited after the spider encounter, and spilled the elements out onto a tray. 40497 Halloween Owl admittedly has a wonderful selection of very useful elements – and a lot of them. 228 useful elements is an uplifting sight compared to 132 less useful in the Spider/Haunted House set.

The building style is very much brickhead. Not my preferred style, but the transformation from block to owl was cool, and the base was a nice addition and opportunity for Lego to add extra cool elements.

Would I add these to my cart? Definitely not the Spider and Haunted House. But the Halloween Owl could get me over the line for free shipping as it does come as a nice parts pack.

These two in particular I will be giving away randomly tomorrow at the Minifigapalooza. See you there.

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