Minifig Monday – Suzanne Aston

Welcome to the second instalment of our newly refurbished Minifig Monday! We love minifigs, you love minifigs, and we want to see them! Take a nice and clear photo, email it to us with some words explaining why you love it so much and we’ll pop it up here for the whole world to see!

This weeks photographer, Suzanne Aston!

I’ve had a fondness for snapping my minifigs for years….
Especially these two 🙂

Lego has been an enormous part of my life since childhood. Its fair to say that as some people were growing up and moving away from Lego my enthusiasm grew inversely.

For a number of years, I worked as a professional photographer, and I was fortunate enough to follow the Formula 1 “circus” around the world taking photos. We moved to Australia from the UK in 2009, which is about the time the first collectible Minifigs were being produced.  

The launch of these gorgeous new Minifigs unleashed a whole new world for me, and I spent many happy hours  trying to tell a story, and capture a moment using some of my favourite figures with a single photo.

The Han Solo photo was an attempt to recreate an image on a Collectible Card that I had cherished since about 1977.

Batman and the Tumbler was shot on my bathroom floor, trying to recreate the texture of the enormous space where Bruce Wayne first encounters the iconic vehicle.

Shooting Lego Minifigs is a very rewarding, if slightly odd pastime, but I don’t intend to give it up anytime soon.

I gotta admit, these are some absolutely stunning shots, and I really hope Suzanne shares more of her work with us!

Next week: Leslie Elverd

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