The Build Night Break Down: May!

by Lukas Mack

Buildapalooza is Perth Lego Users Group’s build night. Every month on the second Monday we get together to talk Lego, build Lego and generally share in this hobby we all love. Not even the finale of Lego Masters could keep us all home but it certainly didn’t hurt to have the big-screen tuned to the appropriate channel.

Entry to Buildapalooza is just $5 and included is your chance to win a wonderful door prize. Every month we have something a little different and this time round we had the sweetest Friends set I think I’ve ever seen: the absolutely adorable Cat Hotel 41742. Lee snagged this one. Congrats and enjoy your kitties and mini-dolls mate 😉

We also run an exciting Parts Draft at each event where participants have the opportunity to take home some great parts in actually useful quantities. One for the MOC builders but also just a ton of fun to be involved with. This time the group voted on the Harry Potter Triwizard Tournament: The Black Lake set. Some gorgeous colours in that one. Follow our Facebook page for the finer details and find out which set to bring next month to have a go yourself.

Between the Parts Draft, the door prize raffle and the good ol’ chats, some of us actually build some Lego if you can believe it! Lande’s Orcish twist on the Everyone is Awesome set was a surprising personal highlight for me. Take a look at just some of the other bricky business below!

If you missed this build night, don’t fret, Buildapalooza will be back next month on the second Monday as usual – that’s the 12th of June at our usual time and place; 7-11pm at John McGrath Pavilion off Hensman st, Como. Absolutely all are welcome and we can’t wait to see you there!



Primary photography by Sue-Ann Cee

Product pictures courtesy The Lego Group

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