Fantastical Foodtruck Building Competition – Entries

Jennifer Coggin
“The Bran Van”

This is the Bran Van, which is owned and operated by Rhonda and Neville. They take their food truck to every seniors event where they provide healthy and tasty bran packed bakery items so that all of the senior citizens can finish their day out with a happy toilet experience. 

Rhonda and Neville are passionate about regular bowels and their muffins, croissants, bread rolls, donuts, and biscuits are all the rage with the seniors crowd. They always make sure to set up fairly close to the toilet facilities, and for this event have ended up between the toilets and the yoga stage, where Margaret and Francine are putting on an informative demonstration. 

They always set up their advertising board near the van as it always draws a crowd. 

Their bran packed bakery delights are a big favourite on the senior citizens event calendar. 

James Lucas

Recent discoveries have unearthed evidence to suggest the first food truck may have actually been a SPACE SHIP!!! feeding our Medieval ancestors light-years ahead of the competition! This is a re-enactment of what is believed to have taken place…

Chris McRae
“The Dream Machine”

This fantastical contraption is not your average food Truck. Flying from place to place, dishing our dreams to help children sleep peacefully. With a dream generator powered by cloud energy, grab yourself a dream from the Dream Machine!

Neil Scholz
“Bob’s Ice-cream Truck”

Moving away from his small kebab stand Bob found a small icecream truck to start his new adventures. Not realiising he’d only just begun…

Neil’s inspiration came from an idea to amalgamate Lego and Transformers…definitely a great combo!

Helen Stapledon

The Aliens had heard about a recent squirrel invasion that had occurred in Perth and decided to come and try to help fix that issue. Knowing people would probably be adverse to eating squirrel they disguised the squirrels in the form of chicken pops. From the queue waiting it would appear they are proving very popular!

Max Shailer

“Get your moon cheese here!”

Teleport to the moon for a food truck experience like no other.

Adam Oakley
“The Spooky Food Van”

Kim Brackman
“Grubs Up!”

With global food chains about to break, Chef and Lady find an ingenious solution to avoiding a Mad Max style food fight. Their food van GRUBS UP, is selling food made from insects, and other crawlies to help ensure ongoing food security. Protein rich Dragonfly juice, scarab slushies, spider hotdogs, grasshopper ice cream, stir fry scorpion, and their new inverterbreakfast, are just a few things on the menu.

They keep a small garden on their advertising trailer for harvesting fresh bugs just for you, with beehive lanterns for festive evening lighting, and a viewing tank where you can select only the freshest ingredients. 

Not everyone has the stomach for this trailblazing culinary vision of the future… do you?


So many amazing entries, its gonna be a hard one to judge!

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