Trees and Flowers and Plants, oh my!

When you start to look, theres a surprisngly large amount of tree, flower and plant related Lego sets. And luckily for you, a lot of them are on sale right now, on Amazon. Lets take a look.

LEGO Ideas Tree House 21318

Weighing in at 3036 pieces, and offering a spring and autumn foliage set, the Ideas Tree House is truly fantastic. Its also massive at 14″/37cm tall, so you need to have some space to display it!

Currently on sale for $220 (down from $279)

LEGO Ideas Winnie the Pooh 21326

I can still remember the hard cover Winnie the Pooh books I had when I was very little. The set was bracketed by a pair of plastic book ends, in the shape of Winnies tree. Fast forward 40 years, and now its a LEGO set.

1265 pieces, and including Winnie, Tigger, Piglet, Rabbit and Eeyore

$139, normally $159

LEGO Friends Friendship Treehouse 41703

Friends fan shouldnt feel left out, as the 1114 piece Friendship Treehouse is currently a very tasty 24% off, bringing it down to a respectable $99, with free shipping!

LEGO Friends Forest Treehouse 41679 and Tree Planting Vehicle 41707

Sticking with the Friends theme, heres a couple smaller sets to help build up your next display. The Tree Planting vehicle comes with a nice assortment of parts and is down to $30 (30% off RRP) and the Forest Treehouse is 35% off, bring it down to $33! Bargains!

It goes without saying that LEGO’s adult foray into flora has been a huge success, with the Botanicals range proving to be a massive hit.

If youve ever wanted 100+ pink frogs, might we recommend the Creator Expert Bonsai 10281 tree? Currently on sale for $69, down from $89.

Equally as popular has been the Creator Expert Flower Bouquet 10280

LEGO Creator Expert Birds of Paradise 10289, showing exactly what can be achieved with an amazing assortment of parts, creates a stunning result!

$119, down from $169

And last, but by no means least, the brand new LEGO Creator Expert Succulents 10309. Even if youre not a fan of assorted cacti, this is an amazing parts pack, it even has the Forestmen hats elements being used as leaves!

Have you got a favourite Tree or Plant set? Have you built any of your own, or perhaps modified a current set to your own designs? If so, we would love you for to let us know!

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