Mosaic Build Competition

Here they are, all the entries for our Mosaic Building Competition!

An absolutely amazing array of creativity on display, from such a talented bunch of local builders!

Have you got a favourite? Drop us a comment, or come and chat in our Facebook group!

Kat Weston

“Watching Back to the Future with the kids had me feeling all nostalgic about the 80s so Pac-Man it was!”

Russell And Zachary Butcher

“Hi, this is our build the Solar System. Zachary (5) loves the solar system so this was good fun to do with him”

Kim Brackman

“I walked over to the brick drawers and my brain said – experiment with cheese wedges… And this is what came out as a quick build.. a little robin, like a northern hemisphere Christmas card.”

James Lucas

“Perth City of Light, an iconic shot of the Perth Skyline done in Mosaic Style”

Narelle Hickey and Mike Davies

“We have called it “An eye for detail”

Zulma Schubert

“The Scream – My version of the famous painting using round 1×1 plates, and inspired by the face we make every month when looking at our Lego spend!”

Steph Vermey

“My favourite finnish ice hockey team – Helsinki Jokerit”

Matt and Libby Shailer

“A picture of the classic Lego Pirate on a 15 tile sliding puzzle with a treasure map behind”

Winners to be announced soon!

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