Review – 21057 Architecture Skylines Singapore

It has been a year since the last skylines were released for the Lego Skyline range – that being Tokyo and Dubai. As a fan and collector of the range, I have been waiting patiently to see what new skyline/s would be released that I could add to the collection. When I was asked if I would like to review of a set described as “Big Skyline” – it seemed the wait was over!

Introducing the latest set for the Architecture Skyline range – 21057 Singapore.

First to note is the new style of packaging. Gone is the previous flip open type box, Singapore is packaged in a larger “thumb” press tabs opening style. While I personally recycle my boxes, this style of packaging may not bode well with box purists. The packaging for Architecture Landmark sets was changed to a black box with white band along the bottom – as seen for Taj Mahal (21056) and the White House (21054). The Singapore Architecture Skyline packaging has been released as a black box with a blue band along the bottom. This may be an indication of the way Lego will market future Architecture packaging – White band for Landmark sets and Blue for Skylines.

The set has been designed by Rok Zgalin Kobe who is a Slovenian architect, designer and Doctor of Architecture. His designs include many of the Architecture range (both landmark and skyline) including the limited release 21021 Marina Bay Sands. He was also the designer for the 21050 Architecture Studio set and larger 10276 Colosseum and 10284 Camp Nou – FC Barcelona sets.

His latest Architecture skyline design – Singapore, incorporates the iconic Marina Bay Sands, Gardens by the Bay, Fullerton Hotel, Lau Pa Sat, One Raffles Place, OBC Centre, and the Boat Quay.

Containing 827 pieces Singapore has the largest piece count in the skyline series and it introduces some new pieces including:

  • 6375672 – 1×4 Tan plate with curved top – used on the sides of the OBC Centre
  • 6366690 – 1×8 Black tile with white “Singapore” print – used on the front of the base
  • 6378425 – 2×3 Tan tile with black squares – used on the front of the OBC Centre to replicate windows
  • 78256, 18978a & 18978b (existing wheel hubcaps) which now come in Magenta – used for Gardens by the Bay

Inside the box is 5x numbered bags and a 103 page instruction book. The instructions have been printed on an easier to read silver/grey gloss paper rather than black as has been used in the past. Only the first few pages with descriptions of the buildings represented are printed on black.

Bag 1 – builds the base which has a footprint of 34 x 11 (at its widest depth) studs

21057 Footprint, Bag 1

Bag 2 – builds the smaller waterfront buildings Boat Quay, Lau Pa Sat & Fullerton Hotel and the larger buildings behind the Boat Quay – OBC centre and a generic city tower.

Waterfront Buildings, Bag 2

Bag 3 – builds One Raffles Place

One Raffles Place, Bag 3

Bag 4 – builds the 3 towers of Marina Bay Sands

MBS Towers, Bag 4

Bag 5 – completes the top deck of MBS and builds the colourful Gardens by the Bay

Completed model, bag 5

If you have built any of the previous Architecture range – both landmark and skyline – then a lot of the build technique in this Singapore set will not be new to you. Using SNOT (Studs Not On Top) to create the smooth finish look for the landmarks and clip anchors buried within the base to provide a more stable anchoring for the taller buildings. In comparison to other Architecture skyline builds, Singapore is on par in size. Compared to the earlier releases such as New York, London, Paris – this set seems more colourful thanks to the Magenta, Green and Trans Blue pieces. However it fits in well colour wise with the newer skyline releases such as Tokyo & Shanghai.

Whilst I don’t have 21021 to compare to this Singapore version of the Marina Bay Sands, I did a bit of research. It seems they are very close in size comparison and the only obvious stand out difference is that this Singapore set uses the dark trans blue tiles compared to the light trans blue used in the landmark set.

Image courtesy of Brickset

Overall it was an enjoyable build, not too much different from the other skylines. Personally, I like it and I find it a more affordable way to include Marina Bay Sands amongst my growing Architecture range.

21057 Singapore will be a new year release on 1st January 2022 with a price tag of $89.99 AUD

Words by Sue-Ann
Photos by Sue-Ann

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