Review – Creator 3in1 Majestic Tiger

Lego have been knocking it out of the park recently with its larger 3in1 Creator sets like the Medieval Castle and Pirate Ship with perhaps a little less attention paid to its smaller yet wonderfully posable animal builds. This medium-sized set addresses the major flaws of its lighter brethren by upping its piece count to 755 and adorning his majesty with worthy detail. Releasing January 1st, 2022 for $TBC, get ready to pounce on this one.

This set is a creative delight to build, employing a wide variety of clever techniques. The Tiger’s sides and stripes are cleverly detailed using a Studs Not On Top (SNOT) approach, crowned by a new printed 1×2 slopes. Meanwhile, its many, many points of articulation (about 20!) are achieved by various clips, ball joints and sockets. The box advises a 9+ age rating likely due to the part count and the surprising amount of force required to make some of these connections. This minor consideration aside, the payoff is one extremely posable figure roughly 40cm long x 11cm wide x 12cm high that will bring hours of joy as you discover your favourite pouncing or prowling stance. Not to be forgotten, your new cat prince comes included with a charming little side-build of a red parrot amidst a miniature jungle stream. This little build is thankfully more ‘addition’ than ‘distraction’ by situating our Tiger friend within a natural scene.

When you feel like a change, you have two options besides your Majestic Tiger of course and at 755 pieces it’s not such a chore. Both the Koi fish and Red Panda are largely fun diversions from the main spectacle but use only half to two thirds of the piece count as one would expect. Each have their very own distinctive side builds just like the Tiger. The Koi with its water lily is really quite pleasant and has a full range of articulation to mimic a fairly natural swimming pose. The Red Panda on the other hand is a little disappointing. The body and tail are blocky (terrible pun intended) and is overall rather stiff looking. The side-build tree, I would argue, is actually more impressive, standing nearly as tall as the panda itself. Despite my mixed feelings on the secondary builds, overall this set delivers on a stunning primary build with the Koi and Red Panda certainly still worthy of your time.

If you were fond of the smaller Creator 3in1 animal sets like the Crocodile 31121 for its personality and posabilty, this set will surely please. Lego nailed this one. To me it’s very clear that Lego is making a point with the Majestic Tiger. As the largest 3in1 animal or creature so far, Lego is demonstrating they can make an exciting and fun set in this category that is truly worthy of play and display.

Words by Lukas Mack
Photos by Lukas Mack

Editors Note

This post contains affiliate links that may generate income for the website.
This set was provided free of charge from The LEGO Group. Opinions expressed in the review are those of the reviewer.

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