40488 GWP – Coffee Cart Review

The Coffee Cart is a little 149 piece set featuring two minifigures and would settle readily into any Lego streetscape. It’s a little more City™ than Creator Expert™ if you catch my drift but you can’t argue with free I suppose.

The cart itself is a simple enough build for young and old. Lego recommends ages 8+ and I’m sure younger folks will cope fine if they can manage small parts. Besides the cart itself, a small shaded table and red bike fill and animate the scene.

The cart has a cute decorated coffee mug motif atop but sadly it does not fold down to cover the front come closing time. The openness of the cart all-round I found quite distracting. Making the sticker-adorned screens double up as window coverings would have been nice… and so would a door. That being said, the coffee maker, grinder and cups are neat and thankfully, the rooftop is attached by just two studs making it easy to place and remove minifigures.

The minifigs themselves are the highlight here. The hipster barista wears a generic but versatile overall design which I personally prefer and the chic coffee customer has a neat face print and lovely lavender hair piece.

Overall, I’m reminded of set 40358, Bean There, Donut That; a 2018 set exclusive to the US. The concept and piece count was similar and although about $20 there was just so much more. Perhaps it’s unfair to compare a GWP with a regular set. With a few tweaks, the Coffee Cart could be great and I’m sure the community will come up with some great mods.

The Coffee Cart won’t come at the cost of an average Perth coffee/mortgage either; in fact, the set is a free gift with any purchase of at least $140 (Editors Note – lol, cmon Lego, really?) when you buy direct from Lego between 8-14th this November.

Words by Lukas Mack
Photos by Lukas Mack

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