“A walk in the park” – The PerthLUG February/March Building Competition

Way back in February we started the first of our new bi-monthly building competitions. A new format with a larger footprint of 32×32 studs, allowing for bigger and more detailed builds, and giving members two months to get their ideas into brick form.

Needless to say, the quality of entry we received was nothing short of fantastic. The fantastic builders from PerthLUG really dialed up the imagination, took the theme and ran with it and produced some amazing builds, that I’m now happy to share with everyone else.

Below will be a gallery for each entry, and any additional info if the builder provided us with some. The order they’re displayed is random, and no indication of the final winner who is yet to be decided.

Doug Donnelly – “A walk in a changing park”

“This one is our family entry, they did most of it, it’s called ‘a walk in a changing park’. Essentially it is a changeable scene, by moving the plates you get different arrangements of the build, it starts with a tropical park with a palm tree and pond/lake in the middle, it then becomes a waterfall feature in the middle with the trees and pond at the corners and edges. We call this technique ‘Tectonick Lego’, just to be punny”

Doug Paice

No additional info from Doug, so I want to point out the excellent curved wall, that’s a great use of parts for an excellent finished effect. Well done mate!

Jennifer Coggin – “Walk in the Park”

“I’m really enjoying the challenge of these builds so thanks to the group for organising them!”

And we are really enjoying your excellent builds Jennifer! Great work!

James Lucas

In traditional James style, hes made an amazing moving ode to walking in the park, and the level of detail in getting everything to run perfectly is fantastic. I couldnt get a working copy of the video to work properly, so I’ll get James to upload it to the PerthLUG Facebook page asap!

Katherine Weston

“The most tranquil of all LEGO parks, you can’t go past this beautiful botanical garden and nature playground in the midst of the city, without stopping at the cozy ‘Treetop Cafe and Bakery’ in Autumn.  A lovely, tranquil, dog-friendly space for even the busiest of LEGO folk!”

Leanne Driel

“Ben and Jules thought it was a beautiful evening to have a walk through the park after their dinner date. But they didn’t realise it was a full moon and other things were walking too..”

Michelle Baker

Another very detailed build with lots of little interesting happenings going on!

Max Shailer

A literal walking park. I should have known. Classic.

Russell Butcher

“Its a lovely day for a walk in the park, with a proposal before heading to the Parisian for dinner, the photographer in shock of what could happen next, the explorer admiring the flowers and the lazy fisherman enjoying his afternoon. All the animals have come out to enjoy the sunshine and join in the walk in the park.”

Victoria Rathbone

“Please accept my, “The chickens are taking over”, park.”

Great entry Victoria! I for one welcome our new chicken overlords.

Zachary Illingworth – “The raid on the Masters Temple”

“The idea is that the soldiers will have no chance against the master, and it will be a “walk in the park” for him.”

Great interpretation of the theme mate, well done!


Im not sure what else to say. Just absolutely mind blowing entries. Choosing a winner is going to be no easy task, but rest assured we will announce a winner soon!

Have you got a favourite? Drop us a comment here on the page, or come and join the conversation in the Facebook group!

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