LEGO Officially announce Ideas Medieval Blacksmith 21325!

If there is a theme that has been most long awaited, it is the Castle theme. So, we are super stoked that LEGO ideas are releasing the Medieval Blacksmith this February 1st.

To be honest, when I saw this adaptation of the original design, I was devastated. I wanted to learn the techniques from the original designer and incorporate those ideas into my MOCs. But after watching the teaser trailer and designer video I am super excited to get this set. There is just so much going on. The change-up in the pitch of the roof. the colour of the roof shingles, including the moss covered ones and the broken/missing shingles. The light up forge, the nice little apple tree design.
The figures are super cool! The blacksmith looks just as I would expect at the forge, an archer and do I dare mention two black falcon knights? And I am not sure if it is because I have been recently watching Mandalorian but I am getting Bo-Katan vibes.

Anyway, I could keep gushing, but I will leave that to you. Check the photos, tell us what you think of the set. It will be on sale here in Australia for $249.99.
We will post a link on the page so you can straight to the site when it is up. Can’t wait!

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