Full Review – Thor’s Hammer 76209

Still Worthy?

The mighty Thor is returning to the big screen in Marvel’s latest big action romp Thor: Love and Thunder and we thought it only right to revisit and share our thoughts on his true sidekick Myolnir or Thor’s Hammer 76209. Hitting shelves in a pretty busy March release window, this 46cm tall life-size model may have flown a little under the radar so we judge whether its total of 979 pieces truly add up to something magical.

One note to start with – this set comes in a ridiculously large box and at the fear and/or temptation of innumerable phallic jokes I will simply remark the once that it does leave one with the impression that the set is overcompensating for something. Moving swiftly on, there are 11 bags of which 2 are unnumbered. This might have been a complaint had it not been for the straightforward building process. The build is broken down essentially into making the handle superstructure followed by detail work. The hammer head then follows this pattern with the final step being the base, mini-build and minifigure.

The work is definitely repetitious. If you love 4×1 double slope pieces then love fixing 156 to the handle. I did not enjoy the experience but others might find this sort of building more meditative and I can appreciate that view. What is without doubt or objection is how sturdy this construction really is. Holding the hammer up and even slowly swinging it about feels comfortable and confident. I’m actually really impressed by this and it appears others are too. Everyone who lays eyes on the set seems eager to test their own ‘worthiness’. Knowing that it will hold together has made it far more of a conversation piece than I had ever imagined. A little technic here and there is worth its salt, uh, or plastic indeed!

When you’ve had enough of wielding the mighty hammer, Myolnir can sit on its own natural looking stand made in the likeness of some rocky debris accented by some trans-blue lightening sparks. It’s a simple construction utilizing the new city road bases with just a modified 4×6 printed tile enough to announce the set. This is actually the only piece to be printed and there are no stickers at all: more on this later. To complete the model is a little side build of a fully equipped infinity gauntlet flanked by Odin’s Fire and Tesseract. Attached to a 4×8 plate, the build can sit alongside the Hammer or even inside it. If you plan to place these inside the hammer’s head, don’t expect an easy job of retrieving them – it’s more of a one-and-done job.

Finally, the god himself Thor is included in minifig form but conspicuously has no real place to sit. I understand this set is meant to highlight the hammer but surely Lego could have found a place for him to stand; perhaps besides the printed plaque. At least give us the option. If need be, he can be plonked somewhere on the base if you can’t find a possie for him. The minifigure itself has dual faces and a unique print for the torso but no leg or arm printing to speak of. For such a spectacularly scaled set, this is a bit of a miss.

Before we pass final judgment on this set, we have to address the great big bluish-grey elephant in the room; that being the distinct lack of detailing on the hammer head itself. There is not a single sticker or print to adorn the magnificent weapon with its visible scrollwork and iconic triquetra (trinity knot) symbol.  I can’t emphasise what a big disappointment this was to me. Having said this, there are custom stickers floating about for sale by creative folk I will definitely be investigating further.

Pictures alone do not do this set justice. I am very critical of the repetitious building process and lack of detail – and for good reason. On the other hand, Thor’s Hammer really commands a physical presence almost unique to itself. It is a set that beckons to be held and dominates a display. If you’re on the fence with this one, I strongly recommend viewing the set in person. This is definitely a flawed set but there’s a certain magic about wielding Myolnir that may yet prove it worthy of your collection.


Words by Lukas Mack
Photos by Lukas Mack

Editors Note

This post contains affiliate links that may generate income for the website.
This set was provided free of charge from The LEGO Group. Opinions expressed in the review are those of the reviewer.

One thought on “Full Review – Thor’s Hammer 76209

  1. Great review Lukas. I would ask for you to show me your hammer at the next buildapalooza but it is a kid’s event so perhaps some other time.


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