Review – Vintage Taxi 40532 GWP

One classy set of wheels.

Does your modular city lack flexible transportation options for its denizens? Were you thinking of picking up the new fancy Boutique Hotel 10297? Maybe you’re a car lover and simply adore the classics. In any case, if you spend more than $279 between January 28th and 13th February 2022 on any theme through Lego, the Vintage Taxi can be yours.

This 163 piece Gift With Purchase (GWP) evokes the timeless styling of many 1930’s era cars with Lego claiming its curves are modeled after the Citroën Traction Avant. To my eye, however, there’s also more than a fleeting resemblance to the Desoto cabs popular in New York at the same time. Regardless, she’s an absolute beaut.

The build is simple yet satisfying. The front grille piece (in pearl dark grey) has only appeared once prior and really sets the tone from the start. This little beast sits upon a large vehicle base similar to, but not as substantial as those found in Speed Champion sets. Unlike the Speed Champion cars that are now 8 studs wide, The Vintage Taxi will fit the modular city-scale a little more comfortably at 6 studs wide. The chosen dimensions do come at some cost though. For one, there are no doors: at all. The roof has to be removed to place any minifigures. Additionally, the vintage look requires larger fenders which, in turn, makes for smaller internal seating space. In fact, the vehicle just barely holds one driver and a single rider. An exclusive taxi service to be sure!

The taxi stand is a very appropriate side-build that adds just a little bit of character to the scene. A small space for a potential minfigure is all that’s required to contribute to playability or even an addition to your city’s sidewalk. There’s also a small Easter egg here which I better make reference to lest we have another, albeit lesser, 3in1 Tiger situation on our hands…Check the rubbish bin.

Speaking of minifigures though, the Taxi comes with just the one. From the box art and instructions, we see the minifig function as both driver and also potential passenger flagging the cab down. Lego…just put in a second minifigure please. I do appreciate the beret and briefcase don’t get me wrong but this I feel was a small missed opportunity in what is otherwise an honestly delightful little set. While we’re examining that box, the sand green strip along the bottom looks awfully familiar and happens to matches the Boutique Hotel to a tee. If I hazard a guess, this GWP was perhaps meant to release alongside that equally art deco delight at the start of the year. If this is the case, the lack of a second minifig would be very justifiable. Alas, supply constraints and whatnot have no doubt hit Lego as hard as any other essential and is perhaps therefore deserving of a pass here.

Ultimately, the Vintage Taxi is more than just a decent freebie. It’s clear the designers really thought about a suitable vehicle to park out front of the Boutique Hotel or simply add some design diversity to a Lego car collection. If you were holding out for something like the Boutique Hotel then I would strongly suggest now is the time to pull the trigger.

Words by Lukas Mack
Photos by Lukas Mack

Editors Note

This post contains affiliate links that may generate income for the website.
This set was provided free of charge from The LEGO Group. Opinions expressed in the review are those of the reviewer.

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