Biggest Lego Set Ever! World Map 31203

The early heavy hitters in the Lego elements game were the original UCS Falcon at 5174 elements, soon knocked off the top of the ladder by the Taj at 5922, the 2nd edition Falcon swung back at a whopping 7541 elements only to be taken out by the repetitive build of the Colosseum in 2020 with 9036 elements.
“Hold our drinks” called the Art Series team at Lego with an eye watering and finger numbing 11695 element world map!

Are the staff at Lego challenging each other to the set with the most elements? Did the Art team just thumb their noses at the other creatives and present a monster set using 1×1 plates and tiles? I think so!
I have no doubt this is classic office competition at it’s finest. And especially the Art team offering up a mosaic and outdoing the other teams in the simplest of ways. No build design, no structure, just plot out a world map.

To put some colour into the set, the team have gone with a Bathymetric map that shows the ocean geography mapping out depths. The choice of colour palette seems unusual at first, but it checks in with my art brain and makes it more appealing to hang on the wall.

So, what it is in the box?
A gazillion 1×1 tiles and plates, 10240 you actually put on the map and there are a huge number of leftovers for alternate sea floors if you don’t like the Bathymetric pattern. The tiles and plates come in 10 colours, as I mentioned earlier, they are an unusual palette, but the pop of colour make it a less than usual map and more of a art piece. There are 40 16×16 technic plates and a bunch of white elements to create a frame to present the set on your favourite wall of the house. Or maybe the toilet wall. Your choice.

This set makes an effective world travellers map. I would place a minifig in all the places I have visited. Lego give you a packet of white cones to pin your visits, but that camouflages against the white land masses. Silly really.

Whether this is Art for your home or a brag map showing off the places you have journeyed to, let us know and post photos to the PerthLUG facebook page.
Expect the set to be available 1st June and retailing at $400.

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